Pembina Library New Website!

We are on the air! With our website we hope to be able to inform everyone what it happening. When we have new books in. What books are not yet released but coming. What changes we have going on. What is happening in our library world!

This month we have been busy moving books. Ufda, surprising how after moving a shelf or two those  books start getting heavy! The goal it to stop the over lapping of different categories. Right now we have no space for new adult fiction- our most popular books! (Don’t worry we are still getting new ones in all the time.)

The trouble is  the last row of the shelf is being in taking up by the Dewey Decimal books.So we have moved the Biographies books to make room for the Dewey books. That will clear out the last row., To give some room  for the Fiction books to stretch out. It is slower moving then we thought but we are getting it done. We encourage high schoolers to help with this project to build their community hours.

The picture is not us but a close facsimile of our work!